• Do you want to learn to sing when and where it suits you?

  • Can you sing already, but want to increase your range, sing longer phrases, start and finish phrases better, sing in a louder or weaker volume, get a nicer sound, not get hoarse by singing?

  • Don't you have the opportunity to go to a singing teacher IRL or are you too shy?

  • Do you sing in a choir and want an effective tool to work through the repertoire and improve your singing technique?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...

You Are At The Right Place!

If you have decided you want to learn to sing or improve your voice this course series is for YOU! Whatever other courses may promise, there is no quick fix to learn to sing. This comprehensive course series in basic singing technique will teach you the craftsmanship from scratch. This knowledge takes several years to learn from a singing teacher IRL. By getting unlimited coaching during your subscription time, you develop faster and at a much lower price compared to singing lessons IRL. 

After the course, you have a better voice and a stronger self-confidence. Now you know how the voice works, what happens in the body if it doesn't sound the way you want and what to do to correct it. In this way you become your own singing teacher. 

Cecilia Nedgård has over 20 years of experience as a singing teacher. Here she coaches you with her most effective exercises that involve several senses. Whether you learn best by listening, seeing or feeling, there are exercises that suit you and give you feedback if you do it wrong. 

The basic technique is the same regardless of level and genre. You can choose to practice the songs included in the course or you can choose easier / more difficult songs or songs in another genre. In this way, the teaching is customized to your level and music taste.

What Customers Are Saying

“The online service is a perfect complement for me as a choral singer. I have been using it for several years as a more or less daily tool to constantly improve my voice and work extra with my weak areas. Cecilia's pedagogy is the icing on the cake.”

Ingrid Wattman

“I have previously taken lessons from a singing teacher and I definitely feel that this is an interesting and cost-effective way to develop the voice. You can practice at your own pace from home with all the benefits this entails. What is required of you is time and discipline to do the exercises, the rest you find here.”

Kristian Tigersjäl

“Very good and educational teaching! Smart tips and tricks for developing your voice! Doesn't feel like practicing on your own but as if Cecilia is with you in the room in her own person! Highly recommended !!!”

Karin Boström

Why Singing Lessons Online?

  • 36 Video Lessons

    Comprehensive education in basic singing technique from breathing exercices to musical interpretation.

  • Efficient Exercises

    Based on 20+ years of experience you learn fast and correctly with excercises that give you immediate feedback.

  • Flexibility

    Practice where you want, when you want and how much you want during your subscription time!

  • Customization

    The singing technique applies to all genres and levels. Practise on the songs YOU like and manage.

  • Songs

    Includes 9 well known songs with piano accompaniment to practice to and downloadable lyrics and chords.

  • Quizzes & Worksheets

    Quizzes and downloadable worksheets to enhance your learning and facilitate practicing.

  • Member Only Groups

    Ask questions or share your learning and progress with singing teacher Cecilia Nedgård and other members.

  • Save Money

    Learn to sing / improve your voice at the fraction of the cost of singing lessons IRL.

  • Extension

    Extend or reactivate the course easily and at a low cost.

  • Cecilia Nedgård

    Meet your Singing Teacher

    Cecilia Nedgård works as an artist, singing teacher and choir director in Sweden. She is educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Cecilia has sung in opera sets, in choirs, in jazz bands and released songs as a pop artist. She has also been involved in major TV productions such as Idol and 'Idrottsgalan'. Cecilia has been teaching singing since 1996 and she was the first in Sweden to launch singing lessons on the Internet. Welcome to email if you want to take private singing lessons from Cecilia in Stockholm or via Zoom for example!

    Cecilia Nedgård

    Singing Teacher

    Cecilia Nedgård

Extend The Course?

  • If you need more time to take advantage of the course

  • If you want to reactivate a purchased course

  • If you want to use the course material as support when you practice

You can extend ALL courses bought at greatly reduced prices. Send an email to info@unisoulmusic.se and specify which subscription you want:

3 months for $40
6 months for $60
12 months for $100